Application Integratiom

Payment Gateway Solutions for Treasury Banking Industries
Bizinnovativ’s Payment Solutions for Treasury Services Banking utilizes Business Process Management (BPM) on top of Payment Gateway solutions on webMethods Trading Networks platform to provide highly scalable architecture for handling very-large payment files from corporate customers of the bank. Inherent to the solution is end-to-end visibility, transaction level reconciliation and non-repudiation and seamless back-end integration. This solution helps organizations optimize business performance by discovering, documenting, automating, and continuously improving business processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

RTO Participation and EAI Solutions for Utility Companies
Bizinnovativ’s RTO Integration Solutions for Utility and Energy Companies provide proven implementation techniques for participating in Energy Markets like PJM, ERCOT, SPP, SWPP etc. The solution encompasses both regulated and de-regulated energy markets and seamlessly integrate your enterprise systems like Trading, Risk Management, Scheduling, Plant Maintenance with all the real-time messaging and complex event processing (CEP) need to participate with the RTOs. Bizinnovativ brings extensive domain knowledge in this area and can provide turn-key solutions to your initiatives.