B2B & Partner Onboarding

Maintaining a solid B2B integration strategy is critical for companies that want to successfully translate and communicate data with their partners and suppliers. Many companies are investing in the latest B2B integration technologies in an effect to cut costs and integrate their applications and trading partners.

Bizinnovativ provide services for any aspect B2B integration including architecture, analysis, design, development, testing, knowledge, transfer and production support/administration. We have a wide breadth and deep depth of experiences and knowledge around implementing B2B product suite from different vendors and we can apply that experience to help make your business more successful.

Partner On-Boarding Solutions
A B2B network solution is its ability on-board a partner to participate in existing transaction sets. Bizinnovativ achieves this by implementing the solutions around common gateway services which are quickly configurable around re-usable framework. The framework separates traditional EDI/Flat file mappings into highly re-usable segment mappings, common transaction set mappings and configurable Partner Specific Exception mapping. This architecture was proven with many clients to cut the partner on-boarding time.